Birds Album


Featuring Flightless Birds. 

Dance and move like they do!

Strut Your Stuff!

There’s a lot to be said for Legs!

And there’s much to be said of the song...just listen to Tui!

Music for Kids...Music for Ids!

___Ostrich Stretch  3:30

___Bush Party  2:52

___Tui  5:29

___Kereru  3:00

___Magpies  3:06

___Kokako  3:06

___If you want to be a Bird  2:57

___Digga My Nest  3:22

___Cassowary  3:00

___Taiaotea  4:38

___Kiwis & Friends  3:25

___Fly like an Eagle  2:38

__Songs on Birds Album M017

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You Can Fly!!!


Love the Taiaotea song - lucky us!  Thank you.

--Di McKenzie, Head Teacher, Browns Bay Taiaotea Kindergarten

We would love to buy the Birds CD--Belinda Slade, Pebbles Preschool