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Endangered Downunder

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Dance and Movement comes to the fore and to the floor as southern hemisphere animals spring to life in sounz!  A perfect match of action and education will have children singing and swinging while learning about animals and some of their cool moves!  Sensational!


"The children are really enjoying your CD's and we have seen many enthusiastic dancers and groovers as they have moved to your animal sounds!  Thank you so much!"--Yvette Verhoeven, Wadestown Kindergarten

Photo © Jan Latta

Cover Photo © Jan Latta

Songs on Endangered Downunder 

CD  M009

  1. 1.Wombats

2. Big Bug Juice Jam

3. Blue Whales

4. Starfish

5. Go Go Goanna

6. Giraffe

7. Short tailed Bat

8. Kiwis & Friends

9. Tasmanian Devil

10. Marsupials

11. Rhino

12. Endangered Species

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