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Grooving with the Animals

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Get into this kids!  Animal action at its best with a  conservation theme!  And very educational.  Strong on rhythm & movement.  Animals from the farm to the forest and beyond.  A great way to step into their world in sounz!


"It's been a hit"--Lisa Bogiwalu, Pipitea Childcare Centre

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Cover Photo © Jan Latta

Songs on Grooving with Animals

CD M008

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1. Frogs

2. Elephants

3. Alligators & Crocodiles

4. Sheep

5. Oysters, Mussels & Clams

6. Snakes & Lizards

7. Rabbit

8. Birds

9. Tuatara

10. Crab

11. Cheetah

12. Jellyfish

13. Monkey

14. Cows

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